We are:


Baker Tilly are market leaders in the Examinership sector.


We have been involved in over 200 Examinership cases to date.


At Baker Tilly we are dedicated to the preservation of viable businesses.

We have:

A 90% Success Rate

Baker Tilly has a success rate of over 90% of all the cases undertaken.

A Focus On Value

There is no requirement for upfront Examinership fees.

Retail Experience

We are specialists in Examinerships for retail businesses.

What is Examinership?

Examinership is a rescue process whereby court protection is obtained to assist the survival of a company. Essentially it provides a restructuring framework for a struggling company to turn around its affairs, thereby saving the enterprise from closure and protecting the jobs of the employees.

Case Studies and Testimonials

Examinership involves the appointment of an independent Examiner to shepherd a company in difficulty through a “breathing-space” restructuring period.
Learn more about the examinership process through real-life case studies here


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