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About Us:

Bakertilly Corporate Recovery Cyprus is a joint venture between Baker Tilly South East Europe and Baker Tilly Ireland; both companies are members of Baker Tilly International.

Baker Tilly South East Europe is a company of auditors, accountants, tax and business consultants operating in Cyprus and the Balkans and offering high standards services to more than 6,000 companies operating both nationally and internationally in all industries.

Baker Tilly Ireland provides a range of professional services such as accounting, consulting, trading, tax, and advisory services to recovering poor financial companies.

As members of the leading Baker Tilly International network, we offer access to a team of 34,713 professionals in more than 145 countries worldwide. We have both the global reach and the local know-how to translate your ambitions into new markets.

When businesses are in deep water, they often drown. However, our experience tells us that this is a fact that should be avoided as far as possible.

The BTCR team provides rehabilitation and restructuring services to help businesses cope with and overcome the financial and business issues they may be facing. We evaluate and advise on the extent of the problem and determine what is needed for recovery.

We are:


Baker Tilly are market leaders in the Examinership sector.


We have been involved in over 200 Examinership cases to date.


At Baker Tilly we are dedicated to the preservation of viable businesses.

We have:

A 90% Success Rate

Baker Tilly has a success rate of over 90% of all the cases undertaken.

A Focus On Value

There is no requirement for upfront Examinership fees.

Retail Experience

We are specialists in Examinerships for retail businesses.

Neil Hughes
Managing Partner

T: +357 22 458500
E: N.Hughes@bakertilly.com.cy

Andrie Kypridemou

T: +357 22 458500
E: A.Kypridemou@bakertilly.com.cy

Kevin Barry
Assistant Manager

T: +357 22 458500
E: K.Barry@bakertilly.com.cy

Styliana Savva
Assistant Manager

T: +357 22 458500
E: S.Savva@bakertilly.com.cy